Proterra’s Sustainable Agriculture strategy pursues equity investments in sustainable agriculture, targeting small and middle-market agribusiness companies in the United States for what we believe to be profitable, stable, and certifiable sustainable investment projects.

Animal welfare, carbon reduction, and traceability are increasingly important issues for consumers. Food companies are responding with commitments that will require significant infrastructure investments. Upstream producers are fragmented, undercapitalized, and underbanked. The Sustainable strategy looks to help facilitate this necessary supply chain transformation via project equity investments secured by off take agreements, in partnership with top producers.


  • Cage-Free Eggs
  • Free Range Dairy
  • Sustainable Beef
  • Agricultural Fiber Packaging
  • Group Sow Housing
  • Sustainable Coffee
  • Sustainable Greenhouse Lettuce and Greens Production


  • Target equity investments where transformation in the ag supply chain to meet the growing demand for sustainably produced food has led to gaps in the equity financing capacity for the sector
  • Project finance equity where the operator remains in charge of the operations and ownership ultimately reverts
  • Alignment of interests with operating partners
  • Geographic focus – U.S.