Rising global food demand creates the need for increasing investment in primary production.

Proterra’s Agriculture investment strategy pursues investment opportunities based on our view that rising food demand calls for an increase in farmland as well as increased investment in existing farmland. We view chronic underinvestment and lagging yield improvements as having inhibited the response to increasing global demand and we believe opportunities exist to acquire land and apply professional management and proper investment to maximize its productivity.


We believe increased consumer demand for safer, higher quality food products in emerging markets offers a compelling return opportunity.

Proterra’s Food investment strategy seeks growth equity investments in three food industry sectors: protein production, value-added processing, and supply chain management. We believe that the continued urbanization of emerging markets, an expanding middle class, shifting dietary preferences toward protein consumption, and the increased importance of safe, high-quality food are trends that will drive long term growth in these sectors.


In order to meet long term demand, we believe the metals and mining sector requires focused investment capital from knowledgeable investors that understand the volatility of commodity cycles.

Proterra’s Metals & Mining investment strategy seeks to invest in sustainable development projects and operations with growth potential, low cash costs of production, or the operating flexibility to insulate against volatility of the commodity markets. We target investment opportunities that provide exposure to select commodities which, due to structural or regional factors, have attractive fundamentals and barriers to entry.