Proterra’s Credit strategy seeks to invest in loans to North American middle-market agribusiness borrowers.

Agribusiness represents a large and critical segment of the global economy.  North America is well positioned as an innovator of agricultural products in an industry segment that continues to consolidate.  At the same time, consumers are increasingly conscious about where their food comes from and how it is produced, placing greater emphasis on organics, protein consumption, traceability, environmental sustainability, food safety and animal welfare.  All these changes require significant capital and we believe a compelling opportunity exists to provide an expanded breadth of debt financing to agribusiness firms seeking to adapt in this evolving landscape.

Investment Objectives

  • Target investments in middle-market agribusiness companies
  • Finance capital improvements, growth initiatives, acquisitions and other needs
  • Focus on financings that result in moderate pro forma leverage
  • Concentrate capital in floating-rate secured term loans